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    Additional users do not have xterm capabilities!

    Debian 'squeeze' was installed using the Graphical Advanced install. The user initially created during the install has all the capabilities of xterm. Both 'xeyes' and 'xclock' display properly. Even the root account works with 'xeyes'. However after adding another user this new user does not have the xterm capabilities and neither 'xeyes' or 'xclock' work!
    Added DISPLAY=<host IP>:0.0 export DISPLAY to the .bashrc. When I try to execute xeyes this error message is displayed: "No protocol speficied" Error:Can't open display: :0.0
    What an I missing?

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    I have Debian Squeeze installed as a virtual machine on my system, so I thought I'd hop on to test it out.

    This same thing is happening to me, with the same exact error. Through testing, I was able to deduce that the only users that can access xterm or any other X-servers is root and the user you log into the desktop as first.

    So, if I log in as 'user1', I can execute xterm. If I use su to switch to 'user2' from a shell, I now cannot execute xterm. However, if I log out of the desktop and back in as user2, I can now execute xterm.

    I've tried using su in the following methods:

    su -l
    su -m
    However, neither allows the user I switched to, to execute xterm.

    This has me really curious.. I'm looking further into this at the moment. I hope to have an answer soon. Is this the same on your system?
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    Additional users do not have xterm capabilities!

    Logging on with either user right from the desktop does enable xterm capabilities. But using su does not work. Strange. The su -l and su -m does not work..... but I can work around this for now.

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    I wonder if Policy Kit in Debian applies.

    PolicyKit - Debian Wiki

    Might get you on the right track maybe.

    Sudo mode and policykit

    I don't allow other users on my PCs. So not much help there.
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