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    Question Build Desktop Environment


    I know that many different desktop environments exist for Linux (gnome, kde, etc) but I would like to build my own. I don't want to create a windows manager but would like to use something like enlightenment and have my desktop environment interact with it.

    I am just learning the mechanics of the Desktop environment, so please be gentle

    Also, is there a standard IDE for desktop environment development - perhaps a book/tutorial?

    Thank you.

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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    Linux is open source, so you can download the source code for any or all of the different desktop environments and window managers, and take a close look at the code to see exactly how they work and were put together. Armed with that knowledge and some good programming experience, you should be able to build your own if you have the spare time and some strong determination.

    I'm not aware of any tutorials or books on building a desktop environment, but maybe someone else will post some info on them if they do exist. Good luck with your project.

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    Lightbulb What about Java for DE

    This may be a stupid idea, performance-wise, but does anyone know if Java could be used for a Linux desktop environment - for example a very SIMPLE kde? A Front-end Java GUI windows system that interacts with a X Window manager (e.g., metacity, windowMaker).

    If this has been done, can anyone send a link to it? I just want to see if it has been done and if it is at all practical. I still want to do it even if it isn't practical for the fun of it.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    The LXDE looks very interesting. Are there any Linux books/tutorials that you would recommend for learning things like the creation of Desktop Environments/Managers?

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