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Thread: icewm help

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    icewm help

    How do i like get the theme to install proiperly..i selected it but only the taskbar reflects the changes..i'm working on a network i don't have any root access...

    also how do i add widgets and icons and stuff?...

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    well didn't know which one would be more responsive?..seems like only one person is answering in my other post..

    sorry..urm..i guess you guys could delete the other one..

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    If you are selecting from any of IceWM's already installed set of themes, this can be really annoying. You can see that they are there, you can change them, but then when you log out and back in again, you are back to what you had before. The way to make a theme change permanent is to edit your preferences file in ~/.icewm. It is odd that IceWM doesn't do this for you, but you have to do it for yourself (or go out and get one of the MANY GUI configuration programs for IceWM). Personally, I just edit the preferences file. Look for the "Theme = " line in the preferences file. Spend some time getting to know the preferences file. There is LOTS of neat stuff you can impact about how IceWM works via this file.

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