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    Enlightenment + ROX

    How is it possible to use both enlightenment and Rox? I've got the two installed but they don't boot toegether I have to type in a terminal: /usr/local/bin/rox and I don't want to do that
    Any solutions?

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    You need to read the Rox configuration documentation. Rox isn't a DE in the same way GNOME and KDE are. With GNOME and KDE the desktop is primary and the windowmanager is applied to the desktop. With Rox, the window manager is primary and the desktop, which is actually built around the file browser, is applied. You only activate the bits that you need/want.
    You start Enlightenment(or any other window manager). Then you start Rox-Filer. The file browser opens and you can launch the various parts of the desktop(panel, icon bar, desktop icons, etc.).
    I believe you could write a script to launch the various bits each time you start your window manager.
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    Hello, I use ROX together with another slightly underground WM, namely fvwm. Happilly, they coexist peacefully together. Depending on whether you start Xs from linux console or by means of login manager (xdm, kdm, gdm, etc) you create files ~/.xinitrc (console) or ~/.xsession (login manager) with following contents:
    rox -p=Desktop # some distros use different name for rox executable, so change this accordingly
    exec enlightenment # or whatever command it is started with
    If you don't want to have desktop icon and background managed by rox simply remove the -p=... part.
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    Please post what version of Enlightenment you are using. The differences between DR16 and DR17 are huge, not least in that while DR16 is only a window manager, DR17 is a full DE (although it's still incomplete at the moment).
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    Actually, DR17 is *not* a DE. To be a DE it would have to be an application framework like XFCE, GNOME, and KDE. It is not. Rasterman has decided to label it a "desktop shell". It has a file manager and a WM. There are also some other complementary applications written to utilize the DR17 EFL, but they are not actually a part of the base WM distribution.
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