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    Question Different PC, same X window software, Different connection result ?

    hi, I'd like to connect to the centOS through XDMCP.

    but it seems like the linux do not response to the X-win32 client, there is no clue to analyze this situation.

    I have two server, one is centOS, the other is solaris.

    In the begining, I can connect these two server through XDMCP,

    but when I found that solaris couldn't connected by XDMCP, I remove the X-win32, and install it again.

    but now, My PC couldn't connect to the centOS, but solaris could be.

    I make SSH to connect the centOS to make sure the problem is not the firewall, The SSH connect the centOS sucessfully.
    (but here I got one situation, when I type the accountant and password, The server takes about 10 seconds to login to my home directory.
    I try the other PC that is OK to connect to linux through XDPCM to login with no delay)

    so is that I need to reinstall the Windows XP OS to solve this problem ? (I even do not know does it work or not)

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    X Windows is very DNS sensitive. All parties must have the DNS properly configured and be able to do reverse lookups. If you have connectivity and you have disabled the firewalls, check the all the hostnames and do reverse lookups. Also, in X, the concept of "client" and "server" is the following: The "server" is the one which shows the graphical screen. The client is the other party. In your case, you have installed an X "server" emulator on your XP which will interact with the clients CentOS and Solaris.
    I had very good results with X-Ming.

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    Yes, you are right. out department's DNS server was broken last Weds.
    when this problem was solved this morning, the unconnectivity was gone, thanks a lot ^ +++ ^

    also, I need to study the X knowledge.... > <,
    I misunderstand it

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