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    KDE vs. Gnome mystery

    I am using Linux on a network with Windows 7 Pro, Vista Business and XP Pro and have noticed a very peculiar behavior. No matter which distro using Gnome I cannot connect with my Windows 7 shares. I can connect to my XP shares and my Vista shares, but the Gnome desktop - no go. If I use a distro with KDE I make the connection immediately. I have the same problem with XFCE desktops.

    I make sure SAMBA is installed and running under Gnome but it makes no difference. I use the same username with the same password, but no dice.

    Can anybody say why this is happening?


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    I've read before that Qt, which is used alot by KDE, is very stable. In fact, in my experience, if an application has a Qt version, it tends to work better ( I assume because they were designed for Qt ).
    In my case it was after switching from AT&T that I couldn't access any windows share.

    It could be that Qt, native to KDE it seems, handles Samba and windows shares better. Perhaps you could try installing Qt and Dolphin on your Gnome or XFCE desktop.

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    Thanks, MDexter - Dolphin was the answer to getting access. I did not have to install any additional Qt libraries etc. I installed Dolphin and first attempt to open the share, it asked for the username and the password and voila! the folder opened and the files were accessible. On the same machine, Nautilus shows me the folders, but gives me an error saying the share could not be mounted.

    I tried this with Mint so I will change my default file manager to Dolphin and I should be happy again

    So is this a Nautilus bug?

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    It probably is, or it could be simply a compatibility issue. After I switched to cable from AT&T I could not use my file browser to access the windows network. However, I haven't tried Dolphin for the purpose of file browsing. I assume that Dolphin still came with essential QT libraries.

    Dolphin, so it seems, is a bit more advanced. This is one example of no single system can do all. KDE is very much like vista's desktop, but Gnome is a bit lighter and looks more like a mac interface ( though that has changed in Gnome 3 ). With windows, I have to install a driver each time. On Linux I can't run Adobe, AutoCad, etc. ( you, however, get this powerful text editor called gedit from Gnome ). And it comes with more features involving file encryption and pretty much anything that Adobe and autocad don't cover.

    In short, I can't do a full switch to any operating system. This is why I like that Linux is free.

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    I use gnome (classic) and I have no problem

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