Hello everyone! I have another problem that i wanna share with you again. My program displays a message box to display error, confirmation, etc. Sometimes, when i try to do things quickly, like typing right away without even waiting for the message box to appear, a transparent window appears.

For example, one of the screen of my program asks for a password. Evrytime i enter a wrong password, a message box should appear telling me that i entered a wrong password. But sometimes when i try do something like "type a wrong password, press ENTER, type a wrong password again, press ENTER" very quickly without waiting for the "Wrong Password" message box (this of course would appear since i'm enterting a wrong password, just to test software stability) a TWM window(Tab Window Manager) appears. This is the one that looks like a transparent box/rectangle with broken border lines. And what i need to do is click the mouse before the real message box appears.

Is there anyone who already encountered this problem? Help me please