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Thread: enlightenment

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    Anyone had experience with E16? if so whats the verdict and whats it like to install, basic steps, for a NooB.

    Taa very much like.


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    I used it, but it fell out of favor when I couldn't navigate between desktops easily. Not that I had any real hard feelings about it, I just wasn't a big fan. To install it you should visit the website and download the rpm/deb/tgz/source file and install it the same way you would any other program for your distribution.
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    I simply love Enlightenment! It looks great, and using it for some months now, it crashed on me twice, so I would say its pretty stable. Also, it looks great, and the default theme, brushed metal is simply an artwork! Its made on the philosophy that everthing should be configurable to the last bit. There are tons of themes avalible on freshmeat, and the documetation is also great. It explains everything thats worth knowing, and then some more

    I would highly recomend it to anyone!


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