i'm trying to set up a "diaplay wall" with XDMX and i'm now stuck at some point.

I'm using 4 displays on 4 different pc's with Xdmx (with or without xinerama) over the network works "fine", but i can't access the nvidia-setting within the xdmx server screen.

it says that i have to run nvidia-xconfig an restart the xserver

i've tried it serveral time but nothing happens. the xdmx xserver starts (with the right resolution on every screen but i cant accsess the settings). If im running an xserver without Xdmx (single screen) i can access the settings, so the xorg.conf is workling.

I would like to configure the displays so that I have one big screen and full screen support over all displays ( I think it's called Twinview or big Screen).

on the clients my run commants are (with no xserver):
xhost + (just for tests i know it's unsecure)

on my server i run:

startx -- /usr/bin/Xdmx :1 +xinerama -configfile xdmx.conf -norender -noglxproxy
virtual quad_config {
display ":0" at 0x0;
display "IP_client2:0" at 1920x0;
display "IP_clinet3:0" at 0x1080;
display "IP_client4:0" at 1920x1080;
(at shout be the sign everybody uses for email, i can't use the item because of an error in the forum-software )

I'm running Debian 6 (Linux 2.6.32-5-686 #1 SMP i686 GNU/Linux)
xdmx (old version because of the segmentation faults error bug)
but i've tried the new version aswell.
testet: gnome and fluxbox.
graficcard: gt520 with 285.05.09 driver ( or linux standard driver)
gigabit lan

Thanks for helping