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    need help with my desktop

    ok i use kde on fedora core 3. i was logged in as root, and i had the menu at the top of the screen. i even restarted my computer and it came back up the same. but when i logged out, and logged back in, it came back up differently. now it's at the bottom, and my icons are gone, and my background is different. any ideas?
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    before i had icons for cd/dvd-rom, floppy, home, trash.

    now i only have trash, and before when i had a usb drive in, an icon would come up for that, but not anymore. what did i do?
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    come on, i know someone here can help me
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    it may take longer than an hour for someone to answer

    have you tried a different user?

    also, this isn't relevant to the question at hand, but any reason why you are logging in as root

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    i was logged in as root b/c that's the only way to listen to an audio cd, or was, b/c i had it working, but ever since i logged off it seems i lost all the progress that i made.

    i did try as user, and it did work, but i don't see why. before it was the opposite
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