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    Using multiple X programs across SSH.


    This is probably a borderline n00b question but recently I have taken interest in using the X window functionality of ssh. I can ssh into a remote machine but it seems that I can only run one application at a time. I can of course call xterm and type in my command to start a graphical program but it seems that I can only one one program at a time from the xterm. I'm currently using TWM due to memory restraints on an old Windows 98 machine.

    Is there a UNIX/Linux built in command that will let me run multiple X GUI programs at once from a single ssh prompt?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you terminate the command line with an ampersand character (i.e. a '&') it will launch it in the background and the command prompt will return, for example:
    $ xterm &
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    Ah great!
    I recall mention of that now from some time ago.
    I'm not on a Linux box right now, so I must ask with a window manager like TWM will a backgrounded X11 application still show as visable?


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    You could also run a window manager like TWM or a desktop over ssh. Take a look here/ for some tips.

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    Thanks for the help gents, I was able to really take advantage of backgrounded programs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by daark.child View Post
    You could also run a window manager like TWM or a desktop over ssh. Take a look here for some tips.
    I am a bit confused by this. Will ask here since it was mentioned, or will take it to a new thread if that's more appropriate.

    Does opening a WM over ssh only work if you are not running a WM locally?
    I tried it and got this:
    myUser@myBox $ ssh -XC otherBox "openbox" 
    Openbox-Message: A window manager is already running on screen 0
    Similar with twm proper.

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