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    Really, really weird GUI behavior

    Hi Everybody!!

    I have a very weird problem with a GUI that I've built at work. It is so weird I don't even know where to start to look for help!!

    We have a standalone system at an offsite location consisting of a Windows PC, running XP, and a SuSE Linux machine. I built a Java GUI that runs some bash scripts on the Linux machine. The GUI is started from the Windows machine because the user is not a Linux person. The GUI was built to replace scripts that presented the user with command line prompts for providing inputs to the main processing scripts.

    The user clicks an icon on the windows desktop which runs a DOS batch (*.bat) file. The batch file uses plink, with a stored PuTTY session, to connect to the Linux machine and to execute a "java -jar XXX.jar" command to start the GUI. The GUI displays on the Windows PC due to Cygwin/X X Server running on the windows PC.

    Okay. Now for the weirdness. If I leave the GUI in the location where it initially pops up, everything is fine. If I move the GUI, then the pulldown menus (dropdown combo boxes and menubar pulldowns) no longer work properly. And ONLY the pulldown menus. Everything else works fine (pushbuttons, text fields, ...). If I move the GUI back to its original location, everything works fine. If I click, hold and drag the mouse cursor over to where the GUI initially popped up (leaving the GUI where I moved it) the pulldown menus work properly.

    At first I thought I had a problem with the way I initialized the pull down menus. Now I believe that there is something weird going on with the windows <-> putty <-> linux or the Xwin setups.

    Contributing to not being able to solve this is that I cannot replicate this behavior at work. Unfortunately we don't have an exact replica of the offsite system; I'm testing/building this GUI on a XP to Debian Linux machine.

    As anybody seen anything like this? Any suggestion as to what might be going on here?

    Thanks times a billion


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    Ok. Install cygwin w/ X server. Use ssh w/ X tunneling from cygwin to run the java applet on the Linux system (displaying on the PC) and see if the problem persists. My guess is that Putty doesn't deal with the Java output properly. The standard ssh, which cygwin supports, and the standard X server that you get with cygwin will probably work OK. If that is the case, then convert your scripts to use the cygwin tools. Anyway, this is the best I can come up with in 5 minutes or less...
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    I "solved" this problem by reworking my Java GUI to start/run on the windows machine and then use Plink to execute the commands on the linux machine.


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