I've recently performed a clean install of Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneric Ocelot) from Live CD (after formatting my hard-disk and creating new partitions). One of the new things I decided to install was the gnome-shell and gnome-tweak-tool, since I wanted much more control than what the unity offered. So, I installed both gnome-shell and gnome-tweak-tool by using apt-get install. However, I'm facing two issues while logging in to my new gnome 3.2 shell:

[1.] The top-panel and bottom status-panel have both disappeared. (screen-1)

[2.] When I open a window, it becomes frozen i.e. it cannot be moved or resized - and does not have a close/minimize button. (screen-2)


Screen-2 is here:

Also, this does not happen when I login using the "Gnome Classic" or "Gnome Classic (No Effects)" shell. One more issue is that the extensions list is empty in the gnome-tweak-tool though I have installed all the extensions, but that is another one to solve once this first obstacle is over.

Hope you can help me with this.