My company is attempting to port its Windows software to Linux. Currently, we are only supporting Redhat 7, 8, and 9.

We're having a problem with a certain keystroke, namely Alt+F5. The default keymap for Alt+F5 Redhat 9's GNOME is unmaximize. For Redhat 7's GNOME, it's switch desktops. I haven't tested it in Redhat 8, but I'm sure it won't do what we want. Every time we press Alt+F5 in our application, it does what GNOME has it binded to instead of what our application has it binded to.

I know any GNOME user can easily change the keymap in their GNOME preferences, but we are supporting the default Redhat install meaning we cannot modify anything, even apply patches. We do this with the use case that most people are not allowed to modify anything on their work computers unless the IT department says so.

I know we should just modify the keystroke to something else that doesn't conflict also, but for some reason no one in the company wants to. I guess it conflicts with our Windows branch because it's already mapped to Alt+F5.

So I was wondering if there is any way to bind a key map JUST TO a current application while its running and when its in focus in GNOME. If there is a way to do it in KDE, that would be cool too because we're going to start supporting Mandrake and I think the default install for Mandrake includes KDE.

Thanks for your help,