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    Cool How to replace Unity with LXDE

    I have been experimenting with Ubuntu 12.04 for a week or two and downloaded and installed many apps. Now I have decided to run LXDE rather than Unity, and have downloaded and installed it via the Ubuntu Software Manager. It boots and shows "Lubuntu" on the splashscreen, so LXDE is there somewhere, but when the desktop comes up the Unity column is still in the LHS of the screen and I can't find the LXDE menus anywhere. Is there a quick CLI method to remove Unity and promote LXDE?

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    The two desktop environments are separate logon sessions. The way to switch between them is to log off, and then choose LXDE (or Lubuntu) as your session, then login to your LXDE session. Also applies to KDE and Xfce if you play with those.

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    Just to add that you click on the cog to the right of your user name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elija View Post
    Just to add that you click on the cog to the right of your user name.
    cog... gear... wheel...
    Any way you want to look at it.

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    Talking On going around in circles

    Thanks to all the above. I have now what I wanted, Very Fast Ubuntu12.04 without Unity/HUD, and all the installed apps in place.

    Couple of comments: 1. I nearly went crazy trying to find how to change sessions until I had eliminated the impossible and tried what remained.
    2. It is not a cog/gear/... but a stylised plan view of a Ubuntu theme image which started (?) some years ago as a Ubuntu CD cover with three humans standing around a circular table and looking upwards, possibly to greet the alien/astronaut bearing Linux???
    3. Nice to know: thumping on said cog/table gives a list of nearly a dozen DEs including xfce and Cairo for easy, easy selection
    4. Nicer to know: your choice of session-type is remembered across boots (unless you're booting off LiveCD, of course). No More Unity (unless wanted).

    Last Remaining Issue: How do I get access to the sound chippery? (Lenovo G575 with one of AMD's fancy APUs)?

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