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    Changing KDE theme won't affect KDE apps in pure openbox anymore

    I've always been able to change the KDE theme from openbox, just normally, on KDE's "systemsettings", run from openbox.

    Today there was something weird with VLC I guess, and I tried to make it right by changing the theme to something else and back again, both in systemsettings and qt4-qtconfig.

    But something weird is going on. Now I'm stuck with oxygen style or whatever I set on qt4-qtconfig (which lacks qtcurve as an option for some reason).

    Changing via systemsettings has no effect whatsoever. Except on KDE itself, or even in "KDE+openbox" session. But changes somehow aren't "inherited" back again to pure openbox.

    I tried to change kdeglobalsrc manually as I've done many times for different reasons, but it's ignored.

    I can change icons though, and fonts, it's only the widget style and colors that does not work.

    Anyone has some idea of what might be going on, how to solve without something like creating a whole new user or .kde folder? (Which does not seem to solve it anyway, just tested) And/or why there isn't a qtcurve option on qt4-qtconfig, and if there's something I can do to have it there? I think that perhaps would solve everything, but I'm just guessing.

    EDIT: apparently solved, but more likely just "worked around". I've managed to get "qtcurve" on qt4-qtconfig, and chose it from there. Just in case anyone has the same problem:

    # cd /usr/lib/qt4/plugins
     # ln -fs /usr/lib/kde4/plugins/styles styles
    Now just I got to find some way of using deja vu sans condensed on the whole GUI, it does not seem to be everywhere, and on KDE I was only able to get it by editing kdeglobals manually.
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