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    TightVNC centos keyboard not working help!

    Hello, my goal is to access my centos server (which is currently just a vm for test purposes) from windows via TightVNC.

    Now I've set it up correctly as far as I'm aware, and through VNC I get to the Centos login screen, however the keyboard doesn't work, it's not transmitting the keyboard info.

    Here's the tutorial I followed to set it up:

    The funny thing is when I connect to the display of the current user on the vm, everything works fine, but when I try to connect via the second display defined in vnc for another session, I can't use the keyboard.

    I'm posting this here because I think it's related to the X environment, although not really sure.

    If there's a better section for this, please tell me.

    Also one last question, how do you undo the command "metacity --replace", what is the alternative in centos gnome environment? And how do you re-activate it?

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    I finally found out that it was VMwaretools, that was causing all my problems. I uninstalled VMwaretools and Voila! In view a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate.

    Er hmmm, that aside, I found out for anyone who is interested, that tigervnc in linux and vmwaretools don't mix well, but apparently a tightvnc package in linux works ok with vmwaretools for those interested.

    Also can someone still reply to my question about metacity, thanks!

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