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    Xorg (ICCCM / EWCH) workarounds? OpenGL 2D library?

    Hello, my name is Nathaniel (Naf - aniel ).

    Only very recently I have taken a look into desktop managers, as I want to build a desktop enviroment for my own distro.

    Basically my distro is for living room based PC's / Game Systems.
    It's currently not a project - just more of a concept, however I have been looking at how difficult it would be to construct my own DE which launches App's full screen

    Titantium (my distro concept) will only have limited multitasking - where one progarm at a time executes, but programs can carry services out to there next initiation.

    pretty much , I was just in need for some advise about the importance of Xorg.

    All Desktop managers use Xorg to communicate with graphical hardware and to communicate to other Xorg clients or servers.

    I have came to a conclusion that I don't require it in my project.
    my system's desktop enviroments does not need to connect over networks to communicate to each other - and the complicated standards which comes with desktop managers (ICCCM and EWCH) is not required as I don't have multple windows running.

    So now I have came to the use of OpenGL - Having a Menu system which is built upon OpenGL stadards to display graphics on screen.

    The only thing I have to worry about is communicating devices to the DE - The Distro will use controllers and (hopefully) kinect, to capture Player/User input.

    I am just really looking for someone to go through my plans and find anything that is out of whack.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Yeah - you see the top post ^
    - Ultimate Fail.

    OpenGL still requires Xorg.
    Looks like there's no getting rid of it....
    Which is dissapointing....

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    Hello Naf,

    You could do without the X Window system but you would have to provide all the services that it does save those you specifically would not use.

    As you have found out, a lib like OpenGL ultimate talks the X Protocol to the voodoo that handles the actual rendering on the screen.

    Replacing X would be a tremendous amount of work so, for me, why would you not use it?

    Cheers - VP

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    Why not use Xlib?
    Well - I'm trying to build an Os for Game Consoles.
    Using xlib is like starting out with the shell to a bus, hoping with a V8 engine it will rival a Dodge Viper.

    XLib is well known for it high memory usage - Thats why Apple soon dodged it and used there very own Quartz Compositor.

    Lucky I have found XCB - A replacement from freedesktop

    Thanks anyway.

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