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    Volume hotkey has no effect


    I have Thinkpad Edge E125 running Debian stable / Gnome 2
    Pulseaudio handles sound.

    When I hit volume controls on the laptop, gnome displays volume bar window decreasing or increasing volume.
    However volume is not actually changed.
    Whenever I use the applet to change volume it works.

    It's not obvious ACPI problem, so I'm a bit confused.
    Requesting for help, please

    UPD: other hotkeys, such as display highlight or media works
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    I had this too.
    if you click the speaker icon then "mixer" youll get a mixer. the default card is probably set to HDMI. internal audio something should be the one you want. Anyway, if you move the sliders with music playing you can find out what device is the one controling your audio. set that one as the default in System settings.

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    I run pulseaudio, so when I click on the icon, then "Sound Preferences" it opens pulseaudio configuration. Analog Stereo is default there, HDMI is not.
    But you're right. When I select HDMI as default, then use hotkeys I can see that the hotkeys change volume of HDMI output.
    The solution is to make the hotkeys tune correct device.

    When I was fixing flash player, to allow sound I told alsa to use Analog Stereo, but not HDMI (default).
    Here is the config:

    pcm.!default {
       type hw
       card 1
    ctl.!default {
       type hw
       card 1
    And it works.
    But I have no idea how to control hotkey volume

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    I've removed pulseaudio since I don't actually need its features and it's tend to use CPU much, hence drain power.
    With help of the configuration above sound works, but when I change volume with hotkeys it doesn't work either.
    Now it shows the volume window, but there is no bar at all. Like if volume is 0%.
    It doesn't react on increasing. Mute doesn't work as well.


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