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    hdmi sound with x2 monitor

    I use appliance based on squeeze linux. The hardware based on
    Sandy Bridge chipset and nvidia GT430 graphics. There are 2 video outputs enabled: DVI and DisplayPort. Also I use DP2HDMI (zotak) adapter to plug hdmi monitor.
    I noticed such issue related to hdmi sound:
    If appliance booted with both DVI and HDMI monitors - there is no sound through HDMI.
    If I unplug DVI monitor and reboot appliance sound works fine.
    If someone has any thought I would be grateful.
    Some useful info in attachment.
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    I suspect that there is an issue with the video driver. If you are using the proprietary one from Nvidia, then you don't know whether it is blocking sound as part of some agreement with the MPAA etc. You might want to try the open video drivers that are available. If the problem goes away with an open driver, then you may want to consider shifting to it permanently.
    The only downside is that the open drivers are not always completely up to date, and don't always have good support for all cards and monitors.

    Hope this helps

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