well i would but for some reason after compiling my kernel it ran the first time with a lot of errors, cause I didnt execute the right stuff. After that it didnt run again. Usualy when it did something like that I would just reboot of my mandrake sc and have it config lilo, cause I couldnt seem to create a lilo.conf file. It was driving me nuts, the computer was booting lilo, but I couldnt find the lilo.conf file. So I tried to have mandrake reconfigure lilo, but it wouldnt recognize the new kernel so it would keep trying to install mandrake over again. So I decided to scratch mandrake completely. It is just to user freindly for what I need to it to do. Making decisions on its own to make it easier. So I have d/l slackware, which I ran a long time ago. So I am going to install that and try it again. If I am still getting the same errors after I try to run X with the new ati drivers installed I will post what they are. otherwise I will just post a succesful setup and not recommend mandrake to anybody..... well not if they are trying to do what I was trying to do.