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    Question Compleley new Linux GUI system

    If I could spend a year or two for developing completely new GUI system without any dependency on X-windowing system, what would be the way. Does Mesa OpenGL library depend upon GLX?? I have heard about new Wayland compositor for OpenGL ES. but it is for OpenGL ES. what about complete OpenGL. the Goals of Wayland seems to be much more intuitive. So I'm thinking of doing it for complete OpenGL library. Hardware accelerated Windowing system is the future in desktops atleast. Can anybody tell us or guide us to completely eliminate X from Linux. I'm not that against X. but there are lot of dependencies for GLX.

    simply, If I want to write completely new Windowing system, is it possible to count on Mesa or the binary video driver from vendors and the default drivers for input devices???

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    Well, in my opinion, if you are asking these questions, you are not yet qualified to do this work... I have spent a lot of time in the past writing graphics primitives to do some of what you suggest you are interesting in accomplishing. It is not simple, and there are HUGE factors you haven't even considered as yet. Study the X-Windows, XOrg sources. They will help a lot to understand what quagmire you are going to fall into...

    And good luck.
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