Preliminary information: Running Fedora 18 Beta KDE spin.

Hello, Linux forums! I've been trying to get Eyefinity running on my system over my two monitors, but surprisingly no so-called "tutorials" actually say anything helpful - it seems that (although nobody will say it directly), everybody just has an 'eyefinity' tab just like in the Windows Catalyst. I, however, find myself lacking in this. I have only the welcome page, information, color, the display manager (which allows me to do multi-display and have a single 3840x1080 workspace), a display options page (for Xinerama and Tear Free support), a 3D tab, and preferences. The closest thing to Eyefinity would have to be using multi-display, but this does not support maximizing applications over both monitors and maximizing things (e.g. YouTube videos, Minecraft) puts them onto the leftmost monitor, blocking mouse movement to the other one (basically acts like the primary monitor is the only one, but still displays the content of the secondary one).

I installed the driver using RPMFusion's akmod-catalyst package, may that be the issue? I haven't had any luck at all installing the driver from AMD, it always causes problems booting.