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Thread: just a question

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    just a question

    Is just my thought or kde 3.2 is faster than gnome 2.6 and 2.8 .I like gnome but i suddenly realize that kde 3.2(i upgrated before 2 days) goes faster.This happens to you also or something is not going well with my system?

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    I think that both pretty much run alike, I heard a lot people saying that gnome runs faster...
    I like KDE since a few of the app im using require kde...
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    I've heard the same thing that Ugo has, Gnome is generally considered faster. I don't see it, I think they're both about the same.

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    Older versions of kde was much slower.When i upgrate in 3.2 i saw that was faster than gnome especially in 2.6 version and that surprised me.Thx for your advices guys

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    Keep in mind that with either one you can slim it down by just installing the packages you want rather than using the 'gnome' and 'kde' metapackages that install *all* of either of the DEs.
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