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    [SOLVED] X Server and DE slow


    about a month ago I bought a Lenovo T530 and installed Debian Testing (Wheezy) on it.
    At the moment I am running a 3.2.0-4-amd64 kernel.

    My primary desktop environment is e17 and it also worked reasonably

    When I booted up the machine today e17 crashed but it resumed working (I am writing this because I am not sure how important that is).

    Then I noticed that some particular keys were not working properly. This was not a problem in e17 but generally in the X server because the keyboard worked properly outside of X.
    I tried to remap them to work properly.
    At first I generated .xbindkeysrc but then removed it and then I tried it with .Xmodmap. And it worked.

    Unfortunately at that time my X server started to act in a strange way. When I rebooted the machine and tried to run e17 it took between 30 seconds and 1 minute to start whereas previously it took only 5 to 10 seconds.
    And when I tried to change my keyboard layout within e17 the whole thing would freeze for about half a minute but the keyboard layout would not actually change.

    Whenever I start KDE it works fine until I press the start menu button. Then KDE seems to freeze in the sense that it does not accept any commands from my mouse buttons and the X server takes up 100% of the CPU, i.e. KDE freezes but still works somewhat.

    I am not sure where the cause for this problem is and where I should start debugging. Does anyone have an idea?

    The fact that both e17 and KDE are acting up points to a problem with the X server itself but I haven't found anything suspicious in the /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

    Well, e17 ist starting normally now.
    The culprit in this case was ~/.Xmodmap. For some reason it really slowed down the system so I just removed it, e17 works fine, changing the language does, too.
    KDE is acting up though, but that is probably a KDE specific problem which I will have to figure out.

    KDE is working now, too. I removed ~/.kde and noticed, that there was actually an instance of terminology running. Sort of running, because there was a task but no visible window. Maybe that caused the problem. Everything is working now.
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