Hi folks,

i was curious what Linux is all about and so i grabbed a copy of the latest Ubuntu and installed that on my machine and I am quite impressed by how easy and nice everything is :>

However this means that I'm still quite the newbie, and here's my problem: I installed ancient Counterstrike (oh my childhood..) and everything runs perfectly except for the fact that the frames per second are limited to 60 which should be at 100. I managed to find out that i need to turn vsync off in Compiz aswell as in the X.org "device", however i have no clue how to handle X since it is one big black box to me. I came upon some commands that allow me to edit the Xorg config file, however apparently the xorg.conf is obsolete and I couldn't figure out how to access the settings another way.

I am running Ubunto 12 64-bit on a AMD Phenom with a Radeon 4870 graphics card.

Thanks a lot for your help.