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    Transparent background in richtextboxes

    Dear all,

    This post may seem Off-Topic but it is not. Please, keep reading.

    I'm working with a foot in Windows and the other one in Linux. By contract. That means I have just a small room to manoeuver. Most of the development is being done on Visual Studio C#, by contract as well.

    In my application, which must run in both environments and do so without errors or special tricks, I must have some transparency applied to the background of richtextboxes. Even though everybody was sure I couldn't do it, I found a way around the problem and managed to have it... in Windows. Somebody suggested a clever but rather complex way to achieve it, but my target system is an Atom270, with just 512 MB and not too many resources to spare...

    When trying to run it in Linux, I always get opaque backgrounds, no matter what I do.

    I have been told to activate "Composite" "Option" in xorg.conf. Even if I did so, what this option seems to have something to do with is form transparency, not just my RTB background transparency.

    Might anybody point me towards any good X11 resources guide? I'd like to have this solved once and for all... or not solved and I will look for other ways to achieve the same effect.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Kind regards,

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    gimp can do transparency, as can mrxvt, but I don't know if either is adequate for your task.

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