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    StartX command line script which logs out automatically after run


    I don't want to use any desktop manager (KDM, GDM). I have a simple fluxbox desktop what I start with a script from command line.
    What I try to accomplish that after X is started it logs the deepconsole out automatically (for security reason).

    So how can you write a script which logs you out but don't kill the parent process. What I tried was:

    export DISPLAY=:0
    cd /home/user
    xinit -- :0 vt10 &
    kill -9 $(pgrep -u $(whoami) -t tty1 | head -1)

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    look into: nohup, screen, tmux, or even vlock.

    nohup should be on any system and will prevent a hang-up from being sent to a process.

    screen and tmux accomplish things similar to each other and are very powerful beyond this - but could work for this also

    vlock would just allow you to re-'lock' that console.

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    dayid has got some good advices, and I'll have to check some of them out. Thank you dayid.

    Why call xinit? Just call the server explicitly in a login script, like:

    XPROG="/usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86" # or whatever
    TERMINAL="xterm" # or whatever
    if [ -z "$DISPLAY" ]; then
    SERVER=0 # or whatever
    ($XPROG -terminate -once &)
    (sleep 2; $TERMINAL -C -display :$SERVER &)

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