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    Fluxbox, program icon not added

    Hello, i have vncserver with fluxbox installed now and i cant find any application to decompress tar.gz files, so i tried to install xarchiver (yum install xarchiver) on my centos rhell

    its done, but i cant make icon appear, i tried to restart fluxbox and varous othe roption from fluxbox menu, but no go. does xarchiver have icons? how to install or any other program for uncompressing?

    thank you

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    Being a fluxbox user myself. P.S. I don't run LXPanels anymore on that rig. I'd just add to the menu in the text file with whatever text editor you prefer to use. The file is at


    under accessories. Place a line wherever you want and insert a line like this (warning I do not run rpm distros so wait for confirmation from a rpm distro user)

    [exec] (Xarchiver) {xarchiver} </usr/share/pixmaps/xarchiver.xpm>
    save the file and restart fluxbox by logging out and logging back in. It should be in the menu then.

    As far as Icons on the Desktop go. Rox Desktop, FBDesk are things to look into using. Rox file manager needs to be installed though as far as I know for Rox Desktop with Fluxbox.
    To be honest. You sound unfamiliar with fluxbox and baby steps like just editing the menu sounds like more of a solution for you.
    I don't run Fluxbox with Icons on the desktop though I had played with LXPanels, Tint2, Wbar, Cairo. Like I said. I just played but found simplicity is easier to deal with instead of eye candy.
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    cat .fluxbox/apps

    [app] (name=Navigator) (class=Firefox) (role=browser)
    Please how to add it there, i tried various way but no luck after fluxbox restarting.

    For me worked editing file called "menu" in same folder and added your code you mentioned.

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