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    Sound on a thin client with X?

    Is this possible? How to do it?

    ALso, what about a call centre situation where the clients will have a mic and headphones plugged in? Can the audio be transferred FROM the thin client to the internet?


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    Don't see why not.

    Why don't you have a dig into the docs for your thin client? You have issues that you need local printing right, seems like this is a similar situation.

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    I don't have one, I'm finding out so I can set one up.

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    I have seen a few of your posts on this forum and you seem reluctant to do much digging on your own.

    Back in 1987, I used "Thin Clients" supplied by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle). They were specially-built boxes and they were called "X-Clients".

    Some had their own discs and some had no disc at all. Different strokes for different folks you see and each had their own setup requirements.

    Setting up a network containing such boxes was somewhat different from, say, setting up a regular PC to be a "Thin Client" but the priciple was similar.

    I suggest you google "Thin Client Setup" and see where that takes you. If you get stuck with a specific problem, come back and we will try to help.

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