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    Printing from a thin client to a printer ON the client

    How do I do this? I plan to use CentOS as the X Server machine.


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    Well, install X for a start

    If you are planning to run something on the CentOS but have the displays on a client machine, you must set the env var "DISPLAY" in the shell that runs the program to the ip address of the client machine. Configure the the X on the client machine to allow remote access to the local X server.

    Having said that, I realise that I don't fully understand what you are trying to achieve here.

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    Ooops! Note to self Read the title before inserting foot in mouth.

    What's printing got to do with X? Can't you just configure the "local" CUPS server to print to a locally-attached printer?

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    Sorry, I'm just trying to figure things out step by step for myself - if I set up a dickless workstation, the kernel downloads from a server and runs locally, right? So if I'm trying to print to a printer connected to that client, I just tell it to print to that USB port or whatever, right?
    Just never done this, so getting a bit confused.

    Also, I've never set up CUPS, and have only a hazy idea of what it is , heh! :} (but finding out at a rapid pace though! )

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    Hi, if you are setting up diskless terminals you may want to take a look at LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)

    Linux Terminal Server Project - Welcome to
    How to Install LTSP on CentOS 6 | The Candid Root

    If it is only one terminal it may be an overkill, but it has all the infrastructure you need to make it work

    Good luck

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