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    Lightweight audio trimming, editing


    i have Debian 6.x and Gnome desktop.

    Looking for some lightweight app to trim and crop mp3, wma or similar files. I already have ffmpeg installed.

    I tried to load 29Mb file to Audacitty and it was frozing whole day untill i turned off PC.

    Some simple tool, even command line, would be good to be able to trim also inside of file, not only start, end.

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    We use Audacity for all our sound editing at our broadcast radio station. Is the file a wma or something other than mp3 or ogg? You might have to convert the file to mp3 or ogg vorbis before trying to edit with Audacity. Ffmpeg is an excellent tool for this. If it's already mp3 or ogg vorbis, then possibly resample at a lower rate with ffmpeg before attempting to edit. I don't know of another sound editing tool that would be more light weight for Linux. Hope this helps...

    EDIT: Check our K. Mandla's page. He's really sharp on these things.

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    I've always used Audacity for my editing, and never had problems with simple operations such as opening a file.

    mhWaveEdit suggested in the link above looks interesting though, just tried it, a nice thing with it is the ability to change the playback speed on the fly using a slider. Didn't try editing anything with it though.

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