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    Good looking fonts on X???

    Hi there,
    I just can't get good looking fonts on X. I am running KDE on it. The machine is a notebook with 1400x1050 resolution. I got the resolution configured after much hassle. But the fonts look like black or red or have some other color. It's very annoying.

    I read somewhere, that when using LCD or TFT displays one has to turn "subpixel rendering" in the font configuration of KDE on. I did it but it did not help. I hate to tell, but windoze-fonts are so much more sharp? Why is that so hard to configure. I also imported the true-type fonts of my win-partition in Linux, but that did not help either.

    A hint: the problem is not there with all fonts, or in all sizes. But the same fonts, say size 8, which is very sharp in win, looks to ugly in X.

    Anybody a hint?

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    I have a similar question to that:
    On Fedora Core 3, the fonts seemed full and not like one-pixel lines. Now on Gentoo, I can't figure out how to set-up that effect without setting everything bold, and I know they weren't set as bold on Fedora Core, and the font sizes are even the same.
    Anyone have any ideas on this?
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    You can get Windows fonts working under Linux.


    Search for msttcorefonts.

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    Great sites for fonts, is here
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