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    Arrow Date/Time setting for thunderbird


    my system: Slackware based x86_64 Linux.

    I set the TZ to "Europe/Berlin", but that doesn't change the way "date" prints it's date/time string.

    $ date
    Sun Jun 22 16:06:51 CEST 2014
    $ echo $TZ
    Now, my issue is: I run XFCe as X windows manager, and there seems to be no settings for time/date with its settings manager.

    I want in Thunderbird the date and time to be German / European, as in:

    DD.MM.YYYY (German speaking countries style) or DD-MM-YYYY (European style)) - and not like MM/DD/YYYY " (USA style)

    Also, the time in 24 hrs format, also known as "military time", and not as 12 hours am/pm style.

    Any ideas how to handle this?

    I have the right time and date set in the XFCe clock. But when I first installed Thunderbird, it was either the default (US) or the en_GB version, but now I switched to the German (de) version, since I installed its German localized calendar (aka Lightening), and I dislike part English and part german main menu... O_o

    Did I miss some settings I need to do in the console? Or do I miss something with XFCe?
    Or do I need to tell Thunderbird how it should handle my date/time listings?

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    RTFM (man page) for the date command. It can do what you want. When you run it in default mode (there are environment variables to set which will change default output format) this is what you get. At least the time zone appears correct!
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    In Mint Xfce you can use System -> Time and Date which to be honest is not where I would have expected to find it
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    maybe your systems locale is not set to german?

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