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    Differences gnome, kde, etc & x-windows

    Hello, although, I'm not really new to Linux, I've spent most of my time dealing with the subtleties of the underlying hardware, such as wi-fi and Ethernet options. Installing a new Linux (Debian) on a new laptop (Acer), I started wondering about what desktop I wish to have.

    The worst part or problem is that I don't know one from the other and how x-windows gets involved. I don't mind reading up on it, but can't really find a good place that doesn't expect you to know about each. Point me to a good document(s) or explain the difference good or bad of each.

    I've had display problems and am always asked 'which desktop', which I can't really say. I've watched the loading more closely and have what seems is gnome for a desktop.

    How can you tell which, can you intermix and is x-windows the underlaying controlling application for any/all of these?

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    Here's another good web site that may help give you some info.
    Desktop Environments for Linux - Renewable PCs
    My personal choice if I want something lite that only eats up around 130-160MB of RAM then either Xfce or MATE works well and they're both easy to get around on.
    If I don't mind using 400-500MB of RAM then GNOME 3.12 is my choice and it's what I'm currently using.
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