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    New Desktop for linux

    Hello sir,
    i downloaded linux kernel source code from so is it contain gui or not? how can i make new gui(desktop) for linux kernel and how to join them(kernel and gui).

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    The kernel is but a piece of a functioning Linux operating system. Why not download a complete distro and start from there? Take your pick as there's a ton of them out there...

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    If you want to build an operating system around the downloaded kernal you will need a functioning system to build the kernal source. you can get information on the possibilities at the linux from scratch site

    Welcome to Linux From Scratch!

    If you just want a linux operating system to install to a computer, the distrowatch site is a common download location for linux distros. On the right about half way down the page will be a list of 100 linux distributions, big and small. Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

    Clicking on a distribution name takes you to a page to see a pic of the desktop along with information. clicking the home page link will take you to the distro home page where downloads can be found. usually in 32 and 64 bit options depending on your system. check the spec to ensure you meet the recommended minimum.

    Many of these are live which means you can burn the .iso image to a cd/dvd or to usb with an application such as unetbootin. Booting live means you can have a look at the system running and see if it works well on your computer prior to install.

    Most live images have an option to install from the live desktop. you can google how to burn an .iso image to cd/dvd and how to partition your hard drive to prepare for install or watch the video links below . and you can post further questions here

    How to Burn A Live Linux CD - YouTube

    (note: you would click apply to create your partitions, gparted live is also linked at distrowatch)

    most of the installers include a partitioning option but gparted live is a handy tool. I prefer puppy slacko live cd as it includes a partitioner along with a basic desktop that includes a browser, text edit and media player. this is a small download and runs in ram so no need to install or even have a hard drive..a handy little linux on cd or create a usb with save file from the live cd.

    Slacko - Download

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bharatkmistry View Post
    Hello sir,
    i downloaded linux kernel source code from so is it contain gui or not? how can i make new gui(desktop) for linux kernel and how to join them(kernel and gui).
    The kernel is just the part that controls the low-level hardware of the system, and provides API's so that applications can access the kernel. It is NOT a complete OS! There are thousands of other things to deal with. If you want to learn how Linux works and to build a complete system from scratch, then download and work with LFS (Linux From Scratch), which will teach you all of that, and in the end you will have a functioning system. Here is a link: Welcome to Linux From Scratch!

    Ok. I see that ohmy has already given that link!
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    OK. thanks...

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    Base installs of Fedora,Ubuntu,Debian,PupnGo,AntiX,Arch, plus others I have left out probably are what were designed for people like you.
    They come with a kernel and Fluxbox Window Manager. A basic browser. A command line package manager. A small file manager. Plus The kernel.

    Not much else. It is up to you to build up from there. If you want minimal. You will have to teach your self. Like I did.
    Internet searching was my guide in this. I have given you the basics. Since you seem a basic kind of person.

    Here is one example: Main Page - ArchBang

    Here is another:

    All the others have base iso installers also.
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