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    Unhappy Issues moving x-windows app from Solaris to SUSE

    We recently moved an x windows app that uses TeleUSE/Motif and XRT from a Solaris server running ssh protocol 1 to a SUSE 11 server using ssh protocol 2

    Some of the changes were solaris was 32 bit and the linux is 64 bit. We went from using username/password authentication to using file authentication.

    We are having several issues and can't seem to narrow them down to what software is causing this. The first is a copy paste issue where you can copy and paste to within the x windows app to some fields but other fields will randomly not work.
    The biggest issue is with performance over the Wan. If we are on the Lan the performance with ssh x11 forwarding works ok but if we go off site and access through a VPN the performance is 3 to 4 times worse making using the app impossible to use.
    We have tried using ssh compression and changing to a faster ssh cipher. This helps on the Lan but has no real effect for the Wan. The only thing we have not tried yet is to add more memory to the SUSE server as it has only 2 GB. I'm not sure if this will help or not but we are running out of ideas.


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