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Thread: gdm not loading

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    gdm not loading

    I have Fedora 2, Xorg, and gdm installed. I had everything working fine, but I did a lot of tweaking trying to get GL graphics working (reinstalling Xorg, changing xorg.conf, etc). Somewhere in the process I messed things up, so that when I boot the system with runlevel 5, Xorg loads, but I can't do anything - no gdm, I can't Ctrl-Alt-F1 to the command line, and the cursor moves but there's no window manager running. I can boot in runlevel 3 with no problems, and then running gdm from the command line works fine. If I run Xorg from the command line, the same thing happens as at boot: there's a blank screen and nothing happens, although I can now get back to the command line (it doesn't show any errors, just my Xorg version). Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks for any help.


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    is there a file, default-display-manager, in /etc/ ?
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    Try to kill your X-server with <Ctrl+Alt+Backspace>. Then start Xorg with the startx command. That's the way it works on my (Slack) machine.
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    Your Xorg.log file could be of help to get anything that isnt going OK!
    also, ctrl-alt-f1 doesnt kill X ctrl-alt-bacsp will
    this way if GUI craches, simply type that ans STARTX after....
    can you post your log file please
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