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    changing your Xserver

    How do I change which Xserver is running, it keeps trying to load the FDserver, when I want it to load the AGPserver?

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    Why do you have different X servers installed? Why not use XFree86?
    Anyway, the best way to do it is to change the symlink /usr/X11R6/bin/X to point at the X server that you wish to use. You should also check your display manager settings so that they use the symlink instead of the target X server.

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    my bad

    I really dont understand what you mean by all of that. I thought Xfree8666 used different servers. I know that original it was running the FBserver. I wanted to change that but now I have a different problem. It comes back from the posts I was making about a week ago. I have a radeon 9000pro. I downloaded a rpm that creates a module driver for the ati driver. I almsot have it running but the Xserver still wont run it gives me this error.
    (II) FireGL8700/8800: Driver for chipset: ATI R200 QH (AGP),
    ATI R200 QL (AGP), ATI R200 QT (AGP), ATI R200 BB (AGP),
    Radeon RV250 Id (R9000), Radeon RV250 Ie (R9000),
    Radeon RV250 If (R9000), Radeon RV250 Ig (R9000),
    Radeon RV250 Ld (M9), Radeon RV250 Le (M9), Radeon RV250 Lf (M9),
    Radeon RV250 Lg (M9), Radeon R300 AD (R9500), Radeon R300 AE (R9500),
    Radeon R300 AF (R9500), Radeon R300 AG (Fire GL Z1/X1),
    Radeon R300 ND (R9700 Pro), Radeon R300 NE (R9700/R9500Pro),
    Radeon R300 NF (Unknown), Radeon R300 NG (Fire GL X1)
    (WW) fglrx: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:1:0:0) found
    (EE) No devices detected.
    I dont know what that means. at all anyone knows?

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    XFree86 is only one X server. In versions before 4 there were a few different ones, but since version 4 it has been using a dynamic module loader to use a dynamic driver architecture instead. Just change the driver setting in your /etc/X11/XF86Config, or /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 if it exists.

    That error that you get from the Radeon driver indicates that it couldn't find a card matching any of those that it supports. Maybe the driver is buggy. Try submitting something to those who developed this driver.

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