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    Calibrate monitor

    I am using Kubuntu 16.04.1 and my monitor's color is not calibrated quite correctly so when I edit photos they don't look quite right (they look darker on my PC than anywhere else).

    I have googled but without success, any ideas how to do this?
    I think I need to install Oyranos but can't do so via apt-get

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    Doesn't your monitor have a menu/button to do this? Mine do.
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    a colour management system only makes sense if you can get absolute data about your monitor's colours.
    most likely you can't.
    one way to obtain that info is to point some sort of color measuring device at your monitor, and transfer the data it generates to your computer.
    can you do that?
    if not, the buttons and your eyes are your best bet.
    of course you can still install the CMS, but what for if you have nothing to calibrate against?


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