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    Project M and the days of High Adventure

    Ya know.....just typing the words brings up so many past worlds....

    Harken back to the days of Tron ......harken back to the days of Steven Levy's Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution harken back to the days of Forbidden Planet or Radar Men from the Moon ......those were the days of "high adventure" quoth Conan's mentor........

    And Project M was there.....with us.... from the early days of Linux....

    Applications like Project M are not much in the wheelhouse of the talking heads of Linuxdom nowadays....but Project M was "there when...."..

    And it has gone through different ..... ambiences.... as it were...not "stages"....but different kinds of "ambience".....

    and, during all of the times of Linux..... it has always rung true.

    And today .... it an application.....and the developers ......have stayed current with the ambience of the times....

    It is one of those applications rather like XMMS...( not xmms2 ) that was, and is.... ....what was the saying by Treebeard? Project M affects us all, ( in what is seen and what is not seen) by "tree, root and twig"....

    It is suggested that the gentle reader might "research" Project M....research's storied history.... view images of its .....mesmer..... past and present......and perchance..... to consider a way to support such a fine thing.

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    Unfortunately, the developers have ceased work on the project and are shutting it down effective immediately. Here is a link to their web site: Project M
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    awwwww..... well, it is possible that the thing is "well enough developed" that it can soldier on as the continuing menagerie of Ubuland waddles across the veld.
    But, gotta say that at least THEY LET EVERYONE KNOW instead of just letting the thing dangle and act as if "what? you THOUGHT I was still developing it!!?? ".
    And KUDOS to them!!
    They made a good thing.
    I'll keep on using it until it possibly finally collapses..
    BUT, hey.........thanks for the message and linky!


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