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    incredimail-like email client

    My mom saw the default interface for Ubuntu and became legitimately interested in switching to Linux. All of her applications are easy to replace, but she is absolutely attached to an email program, incredimail.

    It has a lot of obnoxious features. Avatars coming out and announcing that you have mail, tons of background images to use (so I assume it's putting the emails in html format) and pretty much any over the top feature you can imagine.

    Are there any stable Linux apps that fit that bill to a degree? (Btw, I'd prefer it not be a kde app since her machine is 333mhz w/ 64mb ram)

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    For the popup talking aviators, I can't say much, Any html mail client can do the backgrounds, but its gonna take a little bit of preferance setting on your part.... But I checked the website for incredimail, i think the adverage Unix geek/developer (one and the same perhaps?....) doesn't have the eye or...artistic inclination for that. At the same time, I would cry if I tried to read one of those in my CLI based clients.....
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    You could always try running incredimail itself through Wine or CrossOver Office.
    I know you said no to KDE, but I find it odd that you didn't say anything about Gnome... Just my perception anyways.
    You could try Thunderbird too, although I don't know how much in the way of preferences for things like that it has.
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    Incredimail-It must be a female thing.

    I bought an older computer for $72 to experiment with Linux . I took off Windows and have tried various distros.I currently have Opensuse 10.3 on it. I like that so well I want to keep it.I only use my windows computer for Incredimail and a program called Calorie King,a way to record your daily intake of food and nutrients.
    Now I am thinking of converting my windows computer to Linux.Those two programs stop me from doing it.How do Wine and Crossover Office allow you to use external programs?
    For what it's worth,Incredimail is decorative and suits my many moods. I can use a different stationery for every message if I also is good at importing messages from 3 email addresses to one account.

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