I'm running KDE and have my desktop settings changed through the KDE desktop manager. Recently, after KDE has finished loading, I see my settings in action for a few moments, then the default settings suddenly kick in. That is, my background changes to the default Mandrake 10 (my distro) background, the desktop icons reappear (I have them set to be hidden) and the icon style is different. I brought up the settings control dialog but it says my settings are just as I set them. Its shows my background in the sample box, and "show desktop icons" remains unchecked. If I check that box, my desktop icons reappear (with my theme choice) and the others then disappear. If I right click on my desktop I have the option to "change desktop background" but its an entirely differnt dialog from the KDE desktop manager I'm used to. If it matters, I recently tried reinstalling the Galaxy theme because I was recieving some GTK warnings telling me it couldn't find that theme. (I still get those warnings). Any suggestions?

EDIT: Actually, it looks like it's trying to force GNOME on top of KDE. I right clicked and opened the desktop folder and it brought up Nautilus. And I think the icons it's putting on the desktop have GNOME styling.

EDIT #2: I've done some more research and this isn't a new problem. GNOME is infact taking over my desktop... I'm a bit of a newbie so I've not seen any solutions that make sense to me yet. I'd appreciate some guidance (but will keep looking, don't worry )

EDIT #3: Problem apparently solved. I uninstalled the Nautilus package and restared my session.