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    How can I configure Konqueror like Firefox?

    I'm familiar with using about:config or altering prefs.js or user.js in my Mozilla Firefox profile. I do this to alter speed settings (for example pipe lining) or the more mundane stuff like middle clicking on a tab to close it (which I know can be done in Firefox by changing "middlemouse.contentLoadURL" to false).

    How do I do the same things in Konqueror? about:config doesn't work and the options from the menu don't let you change anything. I mainly want to middle click a link to close it, not paste what I highlighted and load that (I REALLY HATE this Linux feature). :o

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    Why you dont use just Firefox?

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    I recently installed firefox also and I'm asking myself why I did. KDE Konq. has many features that I find as useful and a better interface. What makes me want to swith back to KDE's browser is that Firefox doesn't display websites correctly. Since KDE and konqueror are already configured on my computer why have two browsers? The only thing Konqueror is missing is a pop up blocker. I'm very sure KDE 3.3 will have that implemented.

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    Just check the javascript settings and set the pop up window setting to smart or ask.
    (apparently blocking pop ups silently may cause problems on logins on some legit sites etc..)

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    :: plz tell me how to install firefox ::

    hello guyz me very new only one day experience dont know how to install firefox in suse

    plz tell me the instructions thnx a lot
    :: i dont know even a single word of linux ::

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