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Thread: KDE or GNome?

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    KDE or GNome?

    Which do you prefer? What's the difference?

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    Personally, I prefer GNOME, since I think that its programmatic structure and solution looks much better. Also, I actually do think that it looks better visually than KDE does, but that's probably just me.

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    This probably the top 10 questions asked when installing Linux. I was once an avid Gnome fan. I refused to use KDE for the longest time but I noticed that all my friends were using it. There had to be a reason so I decided to try it again. Once I ported to Debian from RedHat, I stuck to KDE and I have to say, I like KDE better. As for the programming structure, I can't determine which one is better but I'll trust Dolda since he's a very experience Linux user.
    My sugggestion, try both out. See which one is better for you. It's really like Coke and Pepsi. You have to try and see which one you like. I'd also recommend trying out other window managers as opposed to these desktops (well, KDE isn't supposed to be a desktop) such as windowmaker, blackbox and xfce (very much like CDE in UNIX).
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