This is a minor issue, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Some of the programs that I run from the GUI - either by double clicking within a file browser, or by using what would be the "Start" menu in windows - do not cleanly launch and terminate. Actually, they run fine, but in the task bar I will see a caption generated by KDE, "Starting <program>" with an hourglass symbol, instead of the program's own caption. After exiting, I still see this in the taskbar for half a minute. This problem does not occur when I run the same programs from the command line.

I'm not sure why it only happens with some applications and not others. Kate and glxgears for example work fine, but BZFlag and 3ddesktop do not. (It's really irritating to have my taskbar spammed when I switch desktops with the latter.)

I just realized how trivial this sounds, but I'd still appreciate any suggestions you guys have.

I'm running Mandrake 10.1 Community, which uses KDE 3.2.3.

[edit] I found out that this is called Launch Feedback. Is there a way to disable it for just one application? Is it the responsibility of the program to tell KDE when it is done loading itself?