I have a nVidia GeForce 6600GT running with dual heads across two monitors. When I turn my computer on, I get a KDE desktop (~/Desktop) on Screen[0]. Then KDE puts another desktop (~/Desktop1) on Screen[1]. I can switch between monitors by running my mouse to the edge of one screen. The mouse then just goes onto the other screen.

The way it is set up is running two X servers on each monitor. The way I want this to work is to have Screen[0] display KDE (~/Desktop). And have the second screen, Screen[1], run TWM and be able to switch between the two easily.

So basically, the nvidia driver is telling me that I have two X-Servers running. One is called :0.0 and the other is :0.1. What I want to do is tell KDE to stop using :0.1 to display an additional desktop and tell TWM to run on :0.1.

Is this possible?