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    Can't Open X Display thru wireless AP/Router??

    Set up
    -FC3 Laptop hooked to my home LAN via wireless.

    -Wireless AP is actually a router (4-1 wireless G router) - but not using the
    'WAN' side - it is hooked to my LAN from a 1 of the LAN ports to my main
    wired router.

    -Frankenstein desktop dualie running FC3 plugged into LAN port of main
    wired router.

    I can ssh fine, both directions, betweens these two boxes. However I can't set my display on the desktop to point to my laptop - and have the XWindow display on my laptop. I also can't set my display to my desktop and display an Xprogram from my laptop to desktop. (I could do all of this b4 I went wireless a while ago)

    Yes I have done "xhost + " on my laptop and I have set my display env var on desktop to point to my laptop (and used -dispaly on stuff like xclock). I can ping/ssh both ways..

    Where do I start looking? My guess is the 'AP/router' - but what specifically?

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    Found it...nothing to do with wireless/networking...

    in /etc/X11/gdm I had to DisallowTCP=false

    It is true by default for security reasons.

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