I have a sw product with GUI developed in Motif, first under UNIX Tru64 4.0f, and now Tru64 5.1A A platform.
This GUI have many windows, and the 'look and feel' of each one of them is costumized in a configuration file.
In what concerns to border feature (show / not show), this is specified setting "mwmDecorations" parameter for each window, in that configuration file.
In Linux machines (with mandrake 10.0 and KDE 3.2), this configuration is not being take into account; All windows appear with border (and default buttons), despite what is defined in the configuration file.
I have this product (and GUI's) also available in:
UNIX Tru64 4.0f with xdm
UNIX Tru64 5.1A with CDE
WinNT 4.0 with XVision and Reflection X
Windows XP with Exceed 8.0
In all this cases, Decorations and Functions definitions are working well.

- Is there any known issue for KDE in what concerns to this problem with mwmDecorations and mwmFunctions?
- How can I get KDE to take into account this definitions (in a configuration file)?
- Somehow (this way or other), I need to guarantee that all the windows of the GUI start with the right look 'n' feel configuration (defined in the configuration file).