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Thread: desktop mods

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    desktop mods

    Im am a new user to linux just installed today. I have a few questions for U all. My distro is Mandrake 9.1 dual booting WinXP:

    1. How do I get my mouse to run faster is seems to react slowlly as does opening/closing windows

    2. I have seen people with transparent effects on taskbars and windows how or where can I reseach some basic and fun tweaks for my desktop

    Thats all for now thx in advance

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    To change the mouse speed, edit your /etc/XF86Config file and add a line like the following:
    Resolution = 200
    Try different values other than 200 to find the best setting for you.

    I haven't played with transparency yet, but my guess would be that it setting it up depends on whether you use gnome or KDE (or some other windows environment). Try googling for the one you're using...

    -edit- I'm running KDE and just found how to make the terminal window transparent: click the Settings menu bar item and then under Schema, you'll find numerous tranparency settings.
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